The STORM System™

Bring North Coast STORM training home for your growing lacrosse player.

Dann and Suzanne Campaigne continue to build the North Coast STORM system to stand out among the rest, with expert training and education on-field and online for players, coaches, and parents.

Backyard Workout Introduction

Dann and Suzanne Campaigne introduce you to the STORM System™ backyard lacrosse workout for girls. Got 15 minutes at home? You don't need to find a field and goal to work on your skills and get that "natural feel" for your lacrosse stick. Build strength, comfort, and control the field.

Stick Yoga for Arm Strength and "Reach"

Follow North Coast STORM Lacrosse Director, Suzanne Campaigne, as she walks you though a stick yoga workout for girls of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned vet, arm strength and reach are key to ball control.

Pop and Grab drill for quick hands and ball control

Quick ball control and the Triple-Threat position are foundations to confident and fast-paced lacrosse. Coach Suzanne, North Coast STORM Lacrosse Director, gives you a quick turtorial on the Pop and Grab drill. Something girls of all ages and skill levels should add to to their daily routine.

Wrist Flicks for Strength

Want to control the draw, rip passes, win ground balls, make that quick stick-check? Wrist strength is everything. Suzanne Campaigne, shows us the basic, but essential wrist-flick drill to add to your daily workout. Strong wrists and forearms are a basis to build your skills at all levels.

3-Drill Daily Routine

Dann and Suzanne Campaigne tie together 3 daily backyard strength and stick drills for girls of all ages and levels. Stick with it and have fun. You don't need a full field and goal to get better every day.

The Six Point Cradle

How fast can you go? Great for all levels of girls lacrosse, Follow Suzanne Campaigne and learn the 6-Point cradle to master all the aspects of ball control -- Cradling, Stick Fakes, Triple Threat, Face Dodges and more.

Parents: Get in the Game

Moms and dads, just because you didn't play lacrosse doesn't mean you can't get out there and have a catch. Growing up, nothing was better for me that "having a catch" with my dad. Doesn't matter the sport, there is something indelible about tossing the ball around. Dust off your old gear and join me for a catch with the kids.

"An amazing experience for our daughter."

The STORM lacrosse program has been an amazing experience for our daughter. Four years ago she joined the program and was new to the sport, so we had no idea if she would stick with it. She is now in love with lacrosse and we owe it to the STORM program and coaching. She will start her high school lacrosse career this Spring as a goalie and the STORM program has given her the skills, game strategy knowledge, and team play experience to help her prepare for the next level.

Corey Avilla | Parent

"Quality that starts from the top down."

When we moved our daughter to North Coast STORM, we knew we were getting quality instruction and a well managed league. What we didn't expect was how much her character would improve as her skills increased. Her coaches poured their knowledge and heart out on a weekly basis, and this has become the difference maker for us and why we keep coming back every season to play on their elite D1 competitive team. 

Russ Cantu | Parent and Registered US Lacrosse Coach

"They continue to guide, mentor, and be friends ..."

Coach Suzanne and Dann played a big role in my life and shaping me to be the woman, wife and soon-to-be parent I am today.  I had always looked up to Suzanne and Dann, whether it was how they treated each other, how they encouraged and guided the team, taking clear interest in each girl's welfare as a whole, not just a player, or how they lead their growing family, but it took until I had graduated and was halfway through college to realize how truly impactful they'd been in my life.  I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to stay in touch with the Campaignes and watch them raise their three beautiful kids; watching them raise their family has, once again, played a huge role in shaping me, and now my husband, into the parents we hope to be someday.  In everything they do, Suzanne and Dann pour their hearts into the lives of the kids on their teams, but it doesn't stop there; they continue to guide, mentor and be friends long after playing days are over.

Megan Nelson | Former Player

"Selected as a High School All American."

My daughter started out playing boys lacrosse when she was 11 and was adamant that she would never play girls. When we met Dann and Suzanne, they talked her into trying it. Immediately we felt like family. It's safe to say she had a little trouble with penalty's during the  transition, but Dann, Suzanne and all their amazing coaches were extremely patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. Tanner continued to enjoy girls lacrosse all through her high school years!  She was selected as a high-school All American, 1st Team All San Diego, and chosen for the Under Armour All American Tournament.  

Dannette Gates | Parent

"STORM is just different."

The STORM is just different.  Better.  My oldest daughter was on the very first STORM team and gained incredible confidence. She's now a leader on her college team, and coaches STORM when she is home. My youngest has played four years with STORM, just entered high school, and is fully prepared the experience — both on the field and off.  This is the program you wish all your kids’ programs could be like.

Jonathan Loeffler | Parent